Filling those Shoes

Filling those Shoes

5th Mar 2022

Even with size 9's it's impossible
On february the 19th 2022 it had been 2 years since my dad passed away and I was left the business (along with my brother Andrew).  As I always do I went to visit his grave to have a chat and catch him up on all that has been going on.  It was on this day that I realised I will never fill his shoes - now this is not a pity party post - quite the opposite.

I realised that my dad is one of those rare people that knew so much about his area of expertise - in this case Scottish confectionery - that if he had lived another 100 years I would never have learnt it all.  

Dad starting teaching us all about the business and confectionery making from a very young age and it is fair to say that I have been involved for over 50 years and still think I have no idea about this or that and think to myself, I'll just ask dad as he will know. Then realise I can't.  He had such a depth of knowledge and expertise that I simply could never have learnt it all from him.  

So what do I do about it?

What he taught us - figure it out and work harder at it.  It is probably the best thing he could have taught us, it was certianly how he learnt and gained the knowledge and expertise. The fun part of doing this is the people and companies I have met over the last couple of years doing my "learning".  Some are dads old contacts and customers (most of whom have been buying from us from many, many years).  I love the memories and stories they tell me about their relationship with him, and two things struck me when they did this, they all had fabulous memories of him and adored him as a friend as well as a supplier and secondly, they all called him the Tablet Man.  It was only recently that I had a potential new client call my office and ask if I was the Chelsea Whopper Lady.  

This made me smile as I had finally been given my own name.  I am no longer the Tablet Mans daughter.  I have graduated enough to be given an industry nickname which means I am finally starting to gain my own knowledge and reputation in the industry. But will I ever fill thise shoes - not likely - he was one of a kind.