Our Ethos

What we believe in.


Almost 60 years after we started we are still making our confectionery by hand – this gives our confectionery that made in teh kitchen by Granny taste.

We have recently upgraded to some spangly new flow wrapping machines but stay true to our roots by making everything by hand.


We ahve never used preservatives in our recipes and intend to never use these. This does mean that our shelf life may be shorter than those who do use them but the taste difference is worth it.

We source all our ingredients from Scotland where possible and work closely with our suppliers – many of whom have supplied the business for many years.


Started in 1962, the business has always been owned and run by family members and this is still the case.

Alex – our Head confectioner is the 4th generation to be in the business and we all have great expectations that the next 4 generations will be involved with the business


Our recipes have been handed down through 4 generations and continue to be a closely kept family secret. New products that have been brought on are original recipes that have been handed down tthrough generations.

We pride ourself on producing old retro style confectionery made to old recipes, just like your granny made!!


In 2020 we made the decision to change our packaging and settled on two sizes of boxes that fit across our complete product range.

We had discussions with many suppliers and chose a family run recycling plant to ensure we can guarantee our boxes are 100 recycled and we can help do our bit towards teh reduction of global warming.


As a family run business we believe that we should help the many thousand of corner shops and small businesses who are family run.

We do not supply through supermarket chains to help preserve the “corner shop” and will continue this.

During COVID-19 we built this site to enable people to get hold of our products as so many shops had to close. We do not try to compete with our shops and will support the local shop as much as we can.